The Poverty of Riches

Rich people may be too preoccupied with their worldly possessions to follow Christ. He tells us that those with riches find it hard to enter the kingdom of God, but the most important thing is to be wise through God’s word and see wealth and material things in their proper perspective. Then we will come to appreciate the richness of poverty for Christ’s sake.

Adoremus – Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress

We were invited by Fr Regis to attend the Congress in Liverpool over the weekend of 7th – 9th September 2018. We have been members of the parish for 21 years and both play an active part in the life of the parish. Having said that, we both felt sceptical about the Congress weekend, not really knowing what it would entail and what would be expected of us.
The weekend was a story of two halves, the first day being very dry and almost academic in its content, with seemingly little or no relevance to our lives, the life of the parish or our school. We were left at the end of the day feeling underwhelmed and uninspired. The second day, however, was completely different. It was much more uplifting and inspiring, with two fantastic keynote speeches from Bishop Robert Barron and a series of talks/discussions given by lay people from across the country, their stories showing how the Word of God is being lived in the 21st Century. In particular, the chat show style interviews with young Catholics highlighted how they discovered Christ in their lives. It was encouraging to hear them speaking about their experiences with such joy and pride. On reflection, it seems that the church needs to support young people to find their own paths to their faith.
At the end of the weekend, we felt privileged to have been part of the Congress and understood that the first day gave some context to the second day. We understood that there is a theological side as well as a practical side to the Eucharist and that to fully understand the Eucharist one needs to be aware of its deeper meaning, but we felt that if our parish and school and community could remember that love is at the heart of the Eucharist then perhaps the deeper understanding would follow.
The keynote speeches from Bishop Robert Barron were the highlight of the Congress. They were thought-provoking, inspirational and gave us a new perspective on our faith. They have given us things to reflect on a daily basis, particularly around the 3 paths (2nd Keynote speech). They gave us a deeper appreciation of the mass and helped us to understand that the mass is an invitation from our Lord to share a meal with him.
We would highly recommend that you watch the videos of the keynote speeches. They can be found on The links will also be on the parish website.
The weekend ended with the celebration of Mass at Liverpool Cathedral.

Barbara & Phil Cavanagh

Keynote 1 –
Keynote 2 –

The commandments of God

Christ did not come to set aside God’s commandments but to fulfil them. He shows us how we are to act in order to witness to the power of God’s word within us.
Faith without good works is dead, and we show we are God’s people by our care of those in need, rather than by adhering to human rules and traditions.

The message of eternal life

Jesus Christ lives in his Church, and in loving the Church we love him. However challenging the world may find Christ’s teaching, we know that he has the message of eternal life, and there is no one else to whom we want to go.
We show our love for Christ in our service of his Church.

Eat my flesh, drink my blood.

Jesus Christ gave his life for us on the cross. Blood is a sign of life and Christ shed it to the last drop. In the Eucharist we receive his life-giving Body and Blood.
God’s Wisdom invites us to eat and drink the good gifts that God offers, and so to receive life.
We are called, in response to Christ’s self-giving love, to transform the world around us by the lives we lead.