Jesus is King!

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem gives way to his passion and death. Yet within a few days,​ Jesus will rise triumphant from the dead. He is the firm ground of our hope that all sufferings in this life are overcome in the power of his resurrection.

The Lord who forgives

Christ came to show compassion and forgiveness for sinners. He condemned sin but let the woman guilty of adultery go free with the reminder that she was to sin no more. None of us is perfect; we can only hope that we will be saved. We suffer in this life but can accept the loss of everything as so much rubbish if we can only have Christ and be given a share in his resurrection. In this way,​ God, through Christ, is doing something new and is calling us from sinfulness to a life of service.

The Lord hears our voice

In the midst of all our troubles,​ the Lord hears us and will lead us into a promised land of peace if only we are prepared to follow him. There is no temptation that cannot be overcome if we are open to the Spirit who tells us that Jesus is Lord, raised from the dead by God. Through the risen Jesus, God is always with us, just as in the Old Testament the Lord rescued the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

Here I am, send me

Jesus Christ calls his apostles. He transforms them from fishermen into “fishers of men”. We are all apostles and prophets to proclaim the saving power of God. Like Isaiah, we are touched with the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. When the Lord asks who will be his messenger, we reply: “Here I am, Lord, send me.”