Being Humble

God’s blessing comes to those who behave humbly. Jesus teaches us not to seek status and honours from other people. It is in being humble like him that we will find favour with God. Christ will lead us to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God, if we will only follow him in humility.

The last shall be the first

Jesus teaches us never to think of ourselves as better than others, just because we profess our faith in him. Many people of other faiths and nations will find their way into God’s kingdom before us. We are called to set ourselves high standards and to try our best to enter the kingdom by the narrow door.

Do not lose sight of Jesus

The path to heaven is likened to a race in which we are to keep our eyes on Jesus our leader. The saints are praying for us to reach the finishing line. With so many cheering us on, how can we fail? We are called never to give up, even when the going is hard. We are bound to suffer for our faith, just as Jeremiah the prophet did, but the Lord will deliver us.

Be ready

Jesus teaches us to be ready when the Lord comes to call us to our heavenly home. A good life is the best preparation we can make. We will enter into a kingdom promised to us by our
heavenly Father, who through his own kindness and generosity has chosen us as his own.

God is our Father

Jesus teaches us to call God “Father” when we pray. Through baptism we are made one with Christ; we too are children of God. We are taught to persist in our prayers, assured that God will answer us because he is our Father. Jesus tells us to ask until we receive and to seek until we find.

Christ is our peace

The Gospel message is one of peace. Wherever we go, we are to bring the peace of Christ with us but we can only do this when we have learned to suffer like him. Then we will lead an entirely new life and peace will flow like a river from us to everyone around us.

Pillers of the Church

Christ promised to build his Church on Peter, the rock, and assures us that the power of evil will never overcome it. Paul became the apostle to the Gentiles, so that the Good News spread throughout the whole world. Through these two great apostles the Church was gathered as the one family of Christ. Christ is still with us today as we witness to his power in our lives, that the world may come to believe in him.

You are a priest for ever

We share in the priesthood of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Every time we eat his Body and drink his Blood we proclaim the power of his death and resurrection until he comes again. The Eucharist is not just a memorial of a past event, but something that effectively flows into our lives today.