Christ is our peace

The Gospel message is one of peace. Wherever we go, we are to bring the peace of Christ with us but we can only do this when we have learned to suffer like him. Then we will lead an entirely new life and peace will flow like a river from us to everyone around us.

Pillers of the Church

Christ promised to build his Church on Peter, the rock, and assures us that the power of evil will never overcome it. Paul became the apostle to the Gentiles, so that the Good News spread throughout the whole world. Through these two great apostles the Church was gathered as the one family of Christ. Christ is still with us today as we witness to his power in our lives, that the world may come to believe in him.

You are a priest for ever

We share in the priesthood of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Every time we eat his Body and drink his Blood we proclaim the power of his death and resurrection until he comes again. The Eucharist is not just a memorial of a past event, but something that effectively flows into our lives today.

The coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Church

Christ promised that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, would come to be with his disciples, and today we celebrate the fulfilment of that promise. The Spirit lives within us, bearing witness that we are indeed children of God our Father. We pray that we may be open to the power of the Spirit living in us, and that the Spirit will come anew and fill the hearts of the faithful, kindling in us all the fire of love.

Love One Another

Jesus tells us that we will be known as his disciples by the love that we show for one another. He teaches us to love one another as he has loved us. In this way we will open the door of faith to all people, and give them the opportunity to praise God who makes all things new.

Christ gives eternal life to all who listen to his voice

Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd who will lead us to springs of living water, where God will wipe away all tears from our eyes. We are a light for the nations so that the salvation of Christ may be preached to the ends of the earth.
We have a mission to everyone, even though at times people may turn against us because of our belief. But the Holy Spirit can fill us with joy.

Receive the Holy Spirit

Jesus our risen Lord​ bestows his Spirit on us. We believe, even though we have not seen, that he is our Lord and God. We are apostles of his resurrection and we live the life of the Spirit. As the Father sent Christ, so now we are sent to preach the Good News to all people. The Spirit will help us on our mission.