Here I am, send me

Jesus Christ calls his apostles. He transforms them from fishermen into “fishers of men”. We are all apostles and prophets to proclaim the saving power of God. Like Isaiah, we are touched with the burning fire of the Holy Spirit. When the Lord asks who will be his messenger, we reply: “Here I am, Lord, send me.” 

The greatest gift is love

We are a people not only of faith and hope but especially of love. Love is the greatest gift that the Spirit gives to the members of Christ’s Church. This gift is also given to those outside the Church, which is something for which we can thank God. Love breaks down human barriers and divisions. Love will bring about greater unity among Christians and thus a better witness to the Gospel if we are open to the Spirit. 

Together we are Christ’s body

We belong to the Church of which the head is Christ. Just as the human body is made up of many parts, all of which are interdependent, so we too are dependent on each other and ultimately on Christ. The Holy Spirit is given to us so that we may bring the Good News to those who are poor. In our lives we witness to the fulfilling of God’s promises. 

Christ is revealed to all peoples

Wise men from the east, guided by a star, come to worship Christ. In them we see the homage of the nations to Christ, who is for ever the light of the world.
We too are called to become an epiphany – a revealing – of God, by letting the light of Christ shine in our lives.

You Liberation is near at hand

We have no reason to fear the second coming of Christ if we allow God to teach us how to grow in holiness. We ask God to help us to love one another with generosity and integrity. In this way, we can hold our heads high and have the strength to survive all that will happen in our lives, and so when the time comes we will be able to stand with confidence before Christ and his saints.