Christ is revealed to all peoples

Wise men from the east, guided by a star, come to worship Christ. In them we see the homage of the nations to Christ, who is for ever the light of the world.
We too are called to become an epiphany – a revealing – of God, by letting the light of Christ shine in our lives.

You Liberation is near at hand

We have no reason to fear the second coming of Christ if we allow God to teach us how to grow in holiness. We ask God to help us to love one another with generosity and integrity. In this way, we can hold our heads high and have the strength to survive all that will happen in our lives, and so when the time comes we will be able to stand with confidence before Christ and his saints.

The Widow’s Offering

The widow’s offering of a penny was made out of love and of the little on which she had to live. In the same way, the widow at Sidon was willing to share her little with the prophet Elijah.
We are called never to be afraid to give generously to God, who will always provide for us. All our gifts are to be given lovingly and generously.