Right to Life


The abortion lobby are now running a large campaign in the media to put pressure on the Government to make temporary ‘DIY’ abortion schemes permanent before the end of the year. It is therefore vital that as many MPs as possible write to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, asking the Government to end these dangerous ‘DIY’ abortion schemes.

Right To Life UK has launched an easy-to-use tool on its website today which makes it easy for you to send an email to your MP asking them to write to Sajid Javid. Please visit www.righttolife.org.uk/endDIY to contact your MP now. It only takes 30 seconds.

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Like many women around the world, Garmah in Liberia had no legal rights to her home when her husband died. CAFOD worked with local experts to help her and now Garmah and her children live rightfully and happily together in their family home. “I feel safe, my children have a place to rest their head and I can make a garden to feed them and myself. God sent redeemers to fight for my land rights. I am overfilled with joy.” Thank you for your support which enables hundreds of women like Garmah remain in their homes during times of struggle. Other examples of our work can be found in our World Gift catalogues or website worldgifts.cafod.org.uk.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

The Passage


The Passage, a Catholic charity working with homeless people is raising funds through the Big Give a matched giving scheme from 12.00 noon.  Every £1 donated online between 12.00 noon on Tuesday 30 November and 12.00 noon on Tuesday 7 December makes £2 and £2.25 if you are a taxpayer through Gift Aid.  At a time when The Passage’s finances are stretched and they are helping more homeless people please consider supporting this charity through the link  https://bit.ly/PassageBG2021

Mary’s Meals


Give until 31 January 2022 and your donation will be doubled by a group of generous supporters, up to £1.6 million – meaning we can reach even more hungry children with school meals.

Our thoughtful gifts make a real difference to the lives of children living in the world’s poorest countries – including those affected by natural disasters, conflict, and the ongoing Covid pandemic.

And this year, donations made through our gift cards and life-changing gifts will be doubled! 

To send one of your loved ones a truly meaningful gift this Christmas, order online or call us on 0800 698 1212. Together, we can reach even more hungry children with a life-changing school meal.



We have a thought provoking day planned for the diocesan Assembly on the 20th November with feedback from some remarkable speakers who have been at COP26 in Glasgow.  You can download the programme below and we hope you find it of interest.

Heeding the cry of the poor, the cry of the earth how can we work towards a fairer economy for everyone?  Do we settle for the same status quo – the ‘blah, blah, blah’ or in a glimpse of hope do we recognise the innocence of the suffering, at the same time taking responsibility to accept reality and believe in a different quality of life that comes only from Creation and the Creator as we place our lives in the powerful hands of empowering love, opening up a fairer way of life for all.

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission Autumn Assembly 2021 entitled ‘COP26: What next?’ in a continued response to the huge environmental issues of our time. What can we do that we aren’t doing now? Respond to care for the earth, care for the poor, care for a fairer economy. At Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Brixton Hill, Saturday 20th November from 10am onwards. Entrance is free. Everyone welcome. Email jpiccontact@rcaos.org.uk to reserve your place. Please bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee provided.



Today 600 people will be diagnosed with leprosy, more than 50 of these will be children.

Devastating impact

Over 7 million people are currently affected by leprosy across the world.  Evidence shows over 3 million people are living with undiagnosed leprosy. Over 4 million people are living with a life-changing disability caused by leprosy. Although curable, many people are unable to access treatment, even though the cure is free. Lepra works to find, treat and rehabilitate these hidden people and promote their rights in India, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.


Due to misunderstanding, lack of information and incorrect beliefs, people affected by leprosy can experience severe discrimination and prejudice when they show symptoms, or when a diagnosis is confirmed. The consequences can be devastating; people are often shunned by their community or even their own family, they may lose their livelihoods and they can even experience thoughts of suicide. They are left to endure a lifetime of abuse, isolation and shame. During the difficult times of the Covid-19 crisis, so many of us in the UK can resonate with such feelings of isolation with social distancing measures we have experienced; though this has hopefully been a relatively short term restriction compared to that of a leprosy sufferer for whom isolation may last a lifetime.

Lives changed

The lives of many people have been changed thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. In the 97 years since our founding we have helped millions of people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases such as leprosy. There is now a cure for leprosy, however, there is more work to be done as prejudice, discrimination and lack of healthcare and resources mean not everyone can receive this in time to prevent disabilities.

You can make a difference

Our mission is to beat leprosy – so that all cases are easily diagnosed and treated and leave no disability or discrimination. We are working towards a day when leprosy no longer destroys lives; with your support we can achieve this sooner.

Please help us beat leprosy – even the smallest contribution can help treat and rehabilitate people trapped by this disease.

To DONATE please scan the QR code below or visit: https://donate.lepra.org.uk/LepraDonate

Church Legacy


As Catholics, we believe in the sanctity of life; life is a precious gift from God. We strive to live life joyfully and faithfully, in the hope we will return to our Creator after a natural death, to enjoy eternal life with Him. When you move onto the next life, you can make your lifetime of faith live on through a gift in your Will.

We all desire to leave a legacy, to make a mark, to make a difference in the lives of our families and friends, and within our communities. A gift in your Will to the Church, no matter how big or small, is a wonderful way to support your Catholic community.

For more information please visit the Diocesan Church Legacy page: https://www.rcsouthwark.co.uk/donate/leave-a-legacy/, or contact: legacy@rcaos.org.uk

UC Weekly


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The St Vincent de Paul Society, or SVP for short, is a group of volunteer parishioners who set out to help anyone in need.

We need your help now more than ever as people suffer terrible hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are families short of food, lonely people who need a friend, homeless individuals and families, people struggling with financial hardship, or those facing illness.

Join us and work with us to help in whatever way you can – whether it is phoning someone for a chat, helping to give out food bank vouchers or giving someone a lift to the doctor. In addition, you could make a donation that would also be a huge help.  Talk to Sydenham SVP members by calling us on 07494 162741.

Columban Missionaries


Far East provides an insight into the mission work of different Columbans around the world and provides readers with a deeper awareness of our shared call through baptism to be God’s missionaries. ‘Far East’ will help you better understand other cultures and religions and the effects global economics and environmental degradation have on poor and marginalised communities around the world.

Often the stories are tragic tales of our failed human condition, the poverty, exploitation and inhumanity that mars our earthly existence. Yet, in the midst of despair, Columban missionaries live in solidarity with ordinary people and, together, they move forward to improve their social, economic and spiritual lives, always with Jesus Christ as their guide.

For more information visit https://columbans.co.uk/how-you-can-help/subscribe/fareast-magazine/