Christ the light of the nations

Jesus Christ brings God’s light into a world darkened by sin. He calls us to share in his mission to let this light shine out to all people in our world today. He was born as one of us, and because he has himself been through temptation he is able to help us when we are tempted. Christ was rejected by many in his day, yet through his death and resurrection he took away the power of evil.

Pillers of the Church

Christ promised to build his Church on Peter, the rock, and assures us that the power of evil will never overcome it. Paul became the apostle to the Gentiles, so that the Good News spread throughout the whole world. Through these two great apostles the Church was gathered as the one family of Christ. Christ is still with us today as we witness to his power in our lives, that the world may come to believe in him.

Mother of Christ. 

 We are constantly being tempted to put other people and things before God. Our Lady gives us the example to follow, and encourages us not to weaken. 

She is not only the physical mother of Jesus, but is also his mother because she hears the will of God and keeps it.